Federal Prison Advocates, by Jehu Hand

About Federal Prison Advocates and Jehu Hand


Jehu Hand is manager of Federal Prison Advocates. When he was released from prison, he saw the need for a resource for prospective, current or former federal prisoners or their families. Federal Prison Advocates hopes to provide an impetus for prison reform.

Jehu Hand was a highly successful and respected corporate lawyer for decades when he found himself the target of a Federal prosecution as the result of pro bono work he had performed. Convicted after trial, he used his 31 months in Federal prison to help other inmates with their appeals and prison litigation, to research and write his book, Federal Prisoners' Legal Guide, to write his own appeal brief, and to leave prison almost two years early. Released early from prison at the end of January, 2021, he lives in the mountains with his wife and children. His appeal is still pending.

Federal Prisoners' Legal Guide provides guidance to the individual who is either facing Federal criminal prosecution or who has been convicted and is serving a sentence. Providing practical advice as well as an overview of the most important legal issues, it covers pretrial issues such as plea agreements, discovery, trial preparation, sentencing guidelines and issues, and methods of reducing incarceration time through the residential drug abuse program, the First Step Act, and other provisions. The latter part of the book focuses on prisoner's civil rights and how a prisoner can prevent abuses by the Bureau of Prisons, as well as legal guidelines for appeals and other post-conviction remedies such as habeas corpus. Finally, the author provides information on successfully completing supervised release and tips for ending supervised release early. The author is a trained lawyer, who used 31 months in Federal prison to help other inmates with their legal needs and to prepare and file the brief in his own appeal.